Spring at the North Gower branch of the Library

The worst weather is behind us and people are getting out and about, including the Library in their travels!

What’s new at the Library:
-expanded French books for children
-new picture books (see what we’ve got for Easter!)
-new Express Reads books for 7-day borrowing

Big news at the Knitting Club!

North Gower resident and Library volunteer is originally from England, and is in touch with people in the community of Totten, where her sister lives. The Knitting Club in the Library there have launched a special project to knit poppies to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. The North Gower Library Knitting Club is going to do a similar project, and then we will trade poppies and photos and historical information.

The next meeting of the Knitting club is April 8th at 7 PM; for more information, contact staffer Louise Drouin-Backs at 613-489-3909

To join our email list for community members, run by volunteers, email us at northgowerneedsabiggerlibrary@yahoo.ca


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