The summer of 2014!

We met with Library staff yesterday to talk about what’s new and what’s coming, and this is going to be an exciting summer!

Artist of the month continues through the summer (Book Club resumes in September with a new Canadian author list)

CHROME books for in-library use, coming soon!

Summer Reading program for kids: registration opens June 18th—pick up your registration kit with free fun things for kids! There will be a different theme EACH WEEK through the summer

Summer kids programs will be announced soon.

The North Gower Knitting Club continues its poppy adventure to commemorate the beginning of World War I. A special event with guests will be announced soon (hint: it will be in the last week of July).

And of course, all summer long, great reads in books and magazines, movies and music—the Library theme is, If it’s “out there” it’s in here!!!

Contact Library staff at 613-489-3909

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