Rideau Archives open for Doors Open Ottawa June 6-7

The old village "corners" : which one do you live in?

The old village “corners” : which one do you live in?

Stop in to the Rideau Archives on Fourth Line Road in North Gower this weekend for a fascinating look back at the history the North Gower-Kars area.

Volunteers are on hand to show you all the resources available, and guide you through the special displays.

Be sure to look at the binders of photographs of North Gower, Kars and Manotick. The photographs feature the main streets of the villages and are a wonderful look-back at the way the villages were. In the case of North Gower, many of the houses and buildings still stand. The old Royal Bank, for example, at the corner of Fourth Line and Roger Stevens, is now a private home but you can see what used to be the bank doorway.

There is also a map of all the old tiny villages in the area, such as Moores’ Corners, North Gower Corners, and Gideon’s Corners.

Take a peek next door Saturday before 2 at the Library, and remember that the space used to be the Fire Hall for the Village of North Gower. The two windows facing west are in what used to be the fire truck bay doors. And underneath the floor, the old mechanics’ pit is still there (you can’t see it).

History is all around you!

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