North Gower Branch to be refurbished

The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library announced that the North Gower Branch will be receiving over $60,000 worth of improvements.

The Branch was very much in need of an upgrade, says the Friends’ local representative Josephine Norton. Norton also thanked rural library supervisor Jane Venus for her efforts in getting the upgrade work out forward as a priority for North Gower.

Scott Moffatt, councillor for Rideau-Goulbourn, North Gower resident, and a member of the Library Committee for the City wrote in his Manotick Messenger column this week that the upgrades will be transferable, should the North Gower Branch move to a different location. The small size of the library and difficult parking have been issues for the community for years. “[This is] not to say that relocation is imminent,” Moffatt said, ” but it is certainly something that the OPL has been looking into in recent years.

“I’ll be working with OPL’s CEO [Danielle McDonald] to explore future opportunities in the coming months,” the councillor added.


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