Books still got it! Sales up in 2015

According to an article in today’s National Post, the predicted demise of printed books isn’t working out that way. And maybe there is hope for newspapers, too.

Columnist Colby Cosh wrote that book sales demonstrated a “decent performance” in 2015. Some of that is due to new formats such as the colouring books for adults craze, but Cosh says there is more to it.

“Perhaps humans can only look at a screen for so many hours in the day,” he says, “despite the increasing sophistication of electronic displays.”

Whatever it is, we’re all for it!

Be sure to look at the Coral’s Corner display of gently used books at the Library in North Gower (proceeds go to Friends of the Ottawa Public Library) and the “Last Chance” selection of books about to be discarded–some finds there!



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