New James Brown bio on order

Biographer James McBride says that entertainer James Brown is probably the most famous African-American in the world … and the most misunderstood and misrepresented person in the last 300 years of American history.

You couldn’t get to know James Brown, McBride says, because Brown didn’t want to be known.

The book covers Brown’s paranoia about money—he demanded to be paid in cash and then worried about security—and his chaotic, even tragic, personal life.

The title comes from Brown’s refusal to meet with people after his performances, which were so impressive. His philosophy was to “kill ’em and leave,” in other words don’t destroy the experience and leave them wanting more.

The biography is on order at the Ottawa Public Library. For a review in the current edition of the Tampa Bay Times, click here


Kill 'Em and Leave : My Search for the Real James Brown


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