New book from Richard Russo sequel to Nobody’s Fool

Fans of acclaimed novelist Richard Russo will be cheered by the news that he has picked up from his 1993 book Nobody’s Fool with a new novel, Everybody’s Fool.

Here is an excerpt from the review in the current Wall Street Journal.

Richard Russo has returned to North Bath. This is the fictional upstate New York setting of his 1993 novel, “Nobody’s Fool,” and its hard-living, down-on-his-luck protagonist, Sully.

Known for his humorous chronicles of small-town life, Mr. Russo won a Pulitzer in 2002 for “Empire Falls.” His new novel, “Everybody’s Fool,” is his first sequel and a departure from his previous books. Covering a period of less than 48 hours, it’s a madcap romp, weaving mystery, suspense and comedy in a race to the final pages.

Read an excerpt from “Everybody’s Fool.”

“Everybody’s Fool” revisits many of the characters of “Nobody’s Fool,” played in Robert Benton’s 1994 film adaptation by an all-star cast including Paul Newman, Jessica Tandy and Bruce Willis. The central character of “Everybody’s Fool” is one who appears only briefly in the original book: a hapless police officer named Raymer, played in the film by Philip Seymour Hoffman. When Sully drives his pickup onto the sidewalk, the officer accidentally fires a warning shot over the cab and through a woman’s bathroom window.

Mr. Hoffman inspired the author’s new, more detailed portrait of Raymer—a bumbling but big-hearted police chief who is smarter than he thinks he is.

Richard Russo reads from his new novel here:

The novel is not currently available at the Ottawa Public Library, but is on order. Other work by Richard Russo, including Bridge of Sighs is available now. Order online at and pick up at North Gower.


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