You can help WRITE a book!

In this, the 170th year of North Gower’s history, the Rideau Township Historical Society is working on a history of the village, and needs community input.

If you are a current or past resident of North Gower, the Society would like to hear from you, and see any photos or memorabilia you might have.

They will be doing this throughout the rest of September.

Drop in to the Archives any Tuesday 9:30-4:30 or email Susan McKellar at

You can pick up an information flyer at the Library or view the questions here:

While we have lots of historical documents, personal stories/memories paint a better picture. Think of the sights, sounds, smells, everything you can remember. What was the context/situation? Who was there? What year was it?

Can you tell me a story about an event in North Gower (e.g., a fire, a storm, a news-worthy event, etc.) and how it affected your life?

Do you have a memory of your school? Your church? The library? Any other building?

If you grew up in North Gower, tell me a story from your childhood, or your teenage years.

Describe a memory of spring in North Gower.

                        “           summer

                        “           fall

                        “           winter

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Do you have old pictures or documents that would enrich the book?


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