The North Gower Library was founded 122 years ago by citizens of Rideau Township, and has since provided more than one hundred years of uninterrupted service to the community.

With the amalgamation of Rideau Township into the City of Ottawa, the North Gower Library became a branch of the Ottawa Public Library, and is today one of 12 rural branches serving the City.

The North Gower library serves the residents of North Gower, Kars, and residents between North Gower and Merrickville. In addition, many Ottawa residents visit the Library on their way to cottage country in the Rideau Lakes district.

The Library features an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books, music and videos, and has two computers connected to high-speed Internet. Wi-Fi service is also available in the Library.

Library staff conduct programming through the year including the Children’s Reading Hour on Wednesdays, and the children’s summer reading program. The North Gower Book Club and the Knitting Club also hold meetings at the Library.

The North Gower Library was maintained by volunteers for much of its 122-year history, and volunteers still help out today by sorting books and helping with special events.

Friends of the North Gower Library is a volunteer group working to support library services for the residents of North Gower, Kars, and the rural south-west of Ottawa.

For more information, call staff at 613-580-2490 (InfoService).


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